Innovative brand of YOULI elevator

User First

In urban areas throughout a maintenance team, the maintenance sub-stations, and for many years to provide protection for the work of state organs, enterprises, large-scale event

Innovative Technology

Rely on technical experience accumulated over the years, continued to be based on technological innovation and professional services

Professional Services

Quality of service is a strong guarantee safe operation of elevator products. From sales to install security dimension in every aspect, we provide professional and quality service

Core  Products

Elevator sales

YOULI ELEVATOR is the partner of ENVOL Elevator, and also authorized agent of many well一known domestic elevator brands.

Elevator parts

YOULI ELEVATOR is in charge of independently operating elevator parts sales company, the parts and accessories which are of full category, reliable quality, timely shipment.

Installation and reconstruction

In the elevator installation, renovation aspects, YOULI ELEVATOR installs and reconstructs several hundred elevators every year, with the total of heavy maintenance and reconstruction of over 1000 sets


YOULI ELEVATOR has become the strategic partner of many domestic large-scale property management company on elevator maintenance business.


YOULI ELEVATOR can provide supporting decoration service for all types of elevator cars and escalators, includingthe production.

Auxiliary project

Elevator hoist way production, blocking, civil modification; sightseeing elevator steel structure hoist way, sightseeing curtain manufacturing and other auxiliary projects are provided for clients requiring installation and reconstruction.

365 days and 24 hours non-stop service, ready to solve your demands at any moment



ESC VVVF synchronous door machine system

Advanced VVVF technology, the speed of high-speed digital signal processing systems, door machine control is more sensitive and precise.
Permanent magnet synchronous machine with low energy door, both dustproof and waterproof features, comfort features smooth VVVF elevator door system of closed-loop control enables operation of elevator door for energy efficiency by 20% through specialized graphic velocity curve ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration of the door switch, the switch door more stable, lower noise.


SmartBox intelligent master control system

32 pairs of high integration CPU, monitor each other from the main CPU, improved data processing speed, function better and higher reliability. Embedded expert self-diagnostic system, automatic fault diagnosis generated reason, storage and display cause of the malfunction, easy to operate and powerful.


F.I.T permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

A new generation of permanent magnet synchronous technology selection of rare earth materials, with external rotor structure, permanent magnet synchronous motor drive, cancel the sub transmission lever in the structure of the turbine, and coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and computer groups combined control technology fully integrated, with energy saving, high efficiency and low noise, stable performance, its high power factor, effectively improve operational efficiency, reduce energy costs and achieve high standards of energy efficiency.


Car absolute position control system

Exact stop, absolute position control system using the car, stop the car accurately, access to safe and secure.


Elevator Group Control System deployment

Shorten the waiting time of passengers, reducing the lift started running times and improve the efficiency of the elevator group control system, energy efficiency 30% or more.


Energy feedback technology

Regenerative feedback device to achieve a circular elevator energy conservation and utilization for energy-efficient building development of new ideas.

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